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Effective Leadership Activities For Your Workplace

Updated: Apr 20

A popular saying on leadership by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr, goes, “ Time is neutral and does not change things. With courage and initiative, leaders change things.”

It is no secret that the backbones of the world’s most successful and established companies are formed by good and effective leadership. The best podcasts for entrepreneurs out there constantly stress this fact as well. And yet, there continues to be a lack of quality leaders among us. This is primarily attributed to the visible lack of leadership-building activities in the majority of the corporations out there. While they’re sufficiently dedicated to expanding their business and building their brand, they fail to invest in and acknowledge that one entity that can help them achieve these goals with ease- leadership.

Benefits Of Team Leadership Activities

There are multiple benefits of team leadership activities. Some of them have been stated below.

  • By instilling in them a sense of purpose and direction, leadership training activities help in improving the overall productivity of the workforce.

  • As they promote more engagement, leadership activities contribute significantly towards reducing staff turnover.

  • They nurture future leaders, giving the company the choice of assigning positions of leadership from within their own talent pool.

  • They teach team members new strategies that help them hone their managerial skills and abilities.

  • They give team members an opportunity to work upon their risk management skills.

  • Leadership training activities are a great way of communicating to your team members that you care about them, thereby improving the corporate culture in the process.

  • They transform team members into better decision-makers, allowing them to make informed and intelligent business decisions.

While leadership training activities are incredibly crucial, settling upon the right set of activities for your employers can be fairly tricky. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled below a curated list of a few highly effective leadership activities that you can implement at your workplace. Moreover, they make for great advice for entrepreneurs as well. Read on to find out more about them!

Let’s Take Ownership

This leadership activity is ideal for gauging a team member’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Moreover, it rouses leadership behaviors, allowing your team members to distinguish themselves from the crowd. The first step of this task involves making your team members jot down a list of leadership qualities on a sheet of paper. Ask them to write down about ten to twenty statements that they think express leadership qualities. These statements could be something like, “I don’t blame others for my own actions”, “I never shy away from accountability”, and the like.

Once they’re done writing, collect all the sheets and ask your team members to gather around. Now, one by one, read out aloud all the sentences that have been mentioned in the paper. Ask your team members to put one step forward for every statement that they resonate with. Every time someone steps forward, ask them to justify their step in detail. team members must only step forward if they’re completely willing to hand over an explanation for their steps. From an employer’s perspective, this task gives you a great insight into some of the lesser-known traits of your employers and spots individuals who have leadership potential.

The “What If” Game

This game is ideal for assessing your team members’ problem-solving and decision-making faculties. Start the game by gathering around your team members and presenting them with various hypothetical problem statements.

Keep the statements fairly challenging such as, “One day you wake up to discover that your company has lost its funding. How do you react to this information and how do you plan on conveying the same to your team members``. Give them about 5 minutes to reflect on their answers, and ask them to express it in detail on a piece of paper. Going through the various responses will allow you to gain an idea about the analytical and rational thinking abilities of your team members, as well as observe their presence of mind.

The Survival Game

This activity is ideal for identifying team members who have strong creative thinking and strategic thinking skills. In order to start the game, you first have to divide your team members into teams of 5 to 10.

Once the teams have been formed, present them with a hypothetical life-threatening situation. Also, mention a list of about 20 odd items that they can make use of to rescue themselves. Ask them to justify the usage of each and every item that they use. Allow them around 10 minutes to form their answers. Such an exercise not only prompts the team members to think on their feet but also lets them problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Shark Tank

This task is ideal for testing the business intelligence and presentation skills of your team members, values that you would definitely look for in a future leader. Start the game by dividing the team members into teams of 3 to 5.

Ask each one of them to come up with a new business idea and prepare a pitch for the same. The pitch should include the brand’s name, tagline, marketing plan, business plan, financial projections, and potential roadblocks. Once the teams are done with their pitches, ask them to present one after another. In order to win, the teams not only have to convince the panellists to approve their pitches but also get them to put their money in the same.

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