15 Ways to Get Clients Coming to You

While it’s a necessary part of running any kind of business, prospecting clients can take you away from the things that you got into business to do.

Whether that’s creating logos for clients, writing articles to be published in major publications or simply helping people who walk into your store, those moments in time are valuable and build your brand, but what can you do to get clients without losing the time that is already so important.

So here are 15 ways to ensure clients find and hire you tips to ensure you have a steady stream of clients:

Tip #1 – Keep your portfolio up-to-date

An out of date portfolio can severely hold you back from any new clients that may want to work with you. They don’t want to see stuff from three years ago, they want to know what you’re doing now. What you have in your portfolio is what you will be hired for – remember that!

But just having a website though doesn’t guarantee that people will come to you. If you’re looking to attract potential clients, you need to market your work and some ways to do that are by using searchable portfolio sites such as:

  • Behance.net

  • Dribbble.com

  • Coroflot.com

If you have a website, make sure it’s updated and has relevant information such as work samples, testimonials from previous clients and make sure your contact information is easy to locate.

Tip #2 – Start a Blog (make sure you update it)

If you’re a designer with a website, you owe it to yourself and your current and future clients to have a blog on your website. This is to show off our expertise & position yourself as an expert. But when you start blogging, you need to know who your market is.

You may think people want to read about articles on design, but the trick is to write blog posts that will appeal to those who you are trying to attract. Eg. Case Studies, tips for clients (not designers). By doing that, you’ll catch the attention of the right people and with enough time, it is very likely that it will lead to a new gig for you.

But make sure you update it. A site with no updates is considered dead and not worth a client’s time. I love to read others blogs to inspire me and see what my audience is interested in.

Check out this article on JUST Creative about how to start a blog

Tip #3 – Create valuable content for others (this will increase your credibility)

Creating content for others (content marketing) provides you with exposure to anybody who would see it as well as provides value for others. For designers and creatives, this could be the creations of an infographic, an Instagram series of micro-content or a video on any given topic that would help your clients.

No matter the type of work, the more people you can put it in front of for them to see, the better. Best known beats best, every time! The quality of your work will come through in whatever you produce and that quality can lead to people looking to hire you for your services.

Tip #4 – Increase Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is probably the easiest option on how to land new clients on our list without really having to do any extra work to bring them on as a client. If you have a current client who loves your work and recommends you to someone they know, it’s like getting the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s candy factory.

If you’re not getting any word of mouth clients yet, simply contact all your current clients and ask them if they have referrals.

If you’re doing good work, keep it up. People who own their own business likely know others that do too. Those connections likely need help in some aspect of their business and if you’re able to help them, the word of mouth cycle can continue on and on.

Tip #5 – Update LinkedIn (It is literally your online resume)

Most hiring managers will look to Linkedin to find an ideal candidate for their open position. Linkedin is a great way to provide a digital cover sheet prior to an interview regardless if it is for a full-time job or single project, an up-to-date profile will stand out. And too this day, it is my favorite social media platform.

But you can’t treat your LinkedIn profile like your Facebook page. You need to have a summary on your page, your experience and skills have to be up to date. Adding relevant work samples of projects you may have worked on in the past is super important as is a professional-looking profile picture. Don’t use a picture from your IG stories please, be yourself but not yourself at happy hour.

Getting recommendations from former clients can let recruiters know that your work stands out among others that people look forward to getting from you.

Check out the tips Smarp has on How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Tip #6 – Keep industry-relevant social media updated too!

When it comes to social media, there are so many different options out there outside of Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there are many industry-specific social media platforms that you may want to look into depending on your field of work.

Just off the top of our head:

  • Github great for developers

  • Dribbble and Behance the place for designers

  • Vimeo for videographers

  • Pexels for photographers