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The Best Podcasts For Aspiring Entrepreneurs- An Essential Guide

Updated: Apr 20

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking out time for an extra activity, even if it is a recreational one, can seem pretty taxing. Well, what if it were an activity that didn’t require you to shell out any additional time, something that you could very well pursue even on the go? Yes, we’re talking about podcasts, perhaps mankind’s new best friend. The fact that it is a non-intrusive form of entertainment makes it the perfect companion for busy moments such as when you’re commuting to work or taking a quick lunch break. Consequently, this has led to a boom in the number of quality podcasts of late.

Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, then hustling is second nature to you. Starting a new business is no child’s play, and it takes some serious commitment and devotion from the founder’s end to make sure that their business sees the light of the day. In the process, however, they lose track of time and have hardly any moments left to spare for themselves. The long working hours coupled with a lack of entertainment, subsequently puts them at a greater risk of facing a burnout.

This is where podcasts come into the picture. As a source of entertainment not only does a podcast perfectly complement the busy schedule of an entrepreneur, but are also incredibly intimate as well. Additionally, podcasts hosted by industry experts and veterans often act as a great source of insight for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there. To ensure that you don’t miss out on these resources, we’ve curated and compiled this list of best podcasts to listen to for entrepreneurs. Read on to find out more about them!

The Tim Ferriss Show

Best known for his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim-Ferris is a self-experimenter and a bestselling author. In his podcast, Ferriss talks about his topics of interest and in the process covers a bevy of issues that are extremely relevant for all aspiring entrepreneurs out there. The show is frequently populated by high profile guests with some of them being Silicon Valley journalist, LeBron James, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the course of his podcast, Ferris interviews a host of world-class performers hailing from diverse fields such as pro sports, chess, investing, and the like. As he lays out the journeys of these achievers in his show, listeners get an insight into the tools and tactics used by these individuals and subsequently get the opportunity of picking up some extremely relevant tips and tricks for their business ventures.

This Week In Startups

Hosted by Jason Calacanis, this podcast takes the help of a rotating group of experts to bring to its listeners a weekly update on the most interesting and bizarre stories from the world of web companies. In the process, Calacanis gives his listeners an acute insight into the world of angel investing and briefs them about its various know-hows. The podcast phases itself out in the form of in-depth interviews with some of the most distinguished profiles of the tech industry.

As a result, This Week in Startups delivers an insider’s look at the latest happenings and even sheds light on all the emerging trends. If you’re someone who’s greatly involved in the developments of Silicon Valley, then you wouldn’t definitely want to miss this one. Besides providing regular tech updates, the podcast also discusses motivational strategies, business development ideas, and other such issues which make it extremely useful for an aspiring entrepreneur.

How I Built This

In this podcast, host Guy Raz guides listeners through the stories and journeys of some of the best-known companies in the world, easily making it one of the best podcasts for aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

In his interviews, Guy gets his guests to discuss their journeys in critical detail and highlight all the nitty-gritties that generally escape the spotlight. The most redeeming aspect of How I Built This lies in its ability to build a narrative journey around various entrepreneurs, innovators, and idealists. It brings to the fore the inner turmoil and the vulnerabilities that they had to overcome before eventually achieving success.

The School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness is considered by many to be the gold standard of podcasts. With 500-plus episodes and over 40 million downloads, it elegantly takes its place among the world’s most successful podcasts. It is also well recognised for its tendency to routinely rope in famous celebrities such as Maria Sharapova, and Tony Robbins to name a few.

Host Lewis Howes is best recognised as the bestselling author of books The Mask of Masculinity, and The School of Greatness. What makes this show useful for entrepreneurs is that it discusses the ups and downs that punctuates the journeys of the most brilliant businessmen, performers, athletes, and inventors of the planet, thereby imparting valuable life and business lessons to its listeners.

Tune In To The Ambition Show

Aspiring to become an entrepreneur has always been challenging, and it is especially more challenging today because every industry is super competitive more than ever. At this time, irrespective of the field you specialize in, aspiring entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. Podcasts have proven to be quite effective in this arena lately. They help guide aspiring professionals and provide entrepreneur advice for beginners.

This is precisely where The Ambition Show comes into the picture. This is one of the best podcasts for young entrepreneurs today. Hosted by Ehren Muhammad, an accomplished digital marketing and project management entrepreneur, the Ambition Show offers tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them succeed in their journey. Our platform provides tried and tested resources to help individuals meet their personal and professional goals.

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